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Information taken from Application because I'm lazy.

Name: William "Shorty" Talman
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Registration: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Will tends to be confused for someone much younger due to his height of 5'2". His hair is generally gelled back, causing people to ask him if he's some kind of defense lawyer. He has a thin build, and generally doesn't give the appearance that he exerts the effort to even think about weight lifting. However, he's very energetic, which doesn't do much to fight the kid-like appearance. Apparently he never grew out of the "bouncing off of walls" phase.

He always keeps his Rocket Uniform perfectly clean and pressed, giving the impression that he is both completely devoted and a kid of considerable wealth. He believes that Rocket uniforms have to be dry-cleaned, after all.

Personality: Hyper. No, seriously. This kid is all over the place. He thinks pokemon are the coolest thing since, well, pokemon. He's dreamed of joining team rocket ever since he was a small child and saw an ad about the Team Rocket Game Corner on TV after his favorite kids show, "Barnee the Charizard", and thought their uniforms were totally cool. His extreme enthusiasm for the "company" makes it very obvious he has absolutely no idea what they're REALLY up to. He also loves to go on and on about his favorite types of pokemon, and often prefers the ones that look cool to the ones that might have more use or power. He's also a bit of a class clown, and is almost never serious.

He's a bit naive in the ways of the Trainer, certainly in the ways of Team Rocket. He sees everything in a brightly colored light, and almost always assumes something is better than it might actually be. He is almost painfully hopeful, and it takes a lot to break his spirit.

He's never afraid to run up to a complete stranger and start a conversation about how awesome Totodiles are, or about how he wishes he could travel to Sinnoh and catch a Sneasel he saw once in a magazine ad about the region. Clearly, this kid's easily swayed by the media.

History: It's been shorty's lifelong dream to join Team Rocket ever since he saw their ad for the Game Corner. He didn't know what a Game Corner was (but it has "game" in the name so how bad could it be?), but it was his mission to wear that uniform. He studied pokemon even in his spare time, and can recite all 150 Johto pokemon from memory. He has a passing knowledge of the Kanto pokemon, but hasn't quite graduated to the other regions yet.

At the age of 10, he became a Pokemon Trainer and was given his starter pokemon, a Totodile. They became the best of pals, but he's not silly enough to leave it out of its pokeball all the time. That's just stupid. Still, he lets it out often to play with it, and it sleeps with him in his bed.

He didn't spend much time battling or learning the ways of being a trainer. He concentrated all his efforts into joining Team Rocket and as such he's a fairly weak battler. He knows the type differences, but he won't always think to use move X in Y situation. The fact that he's only caught two pokemon hasn't done much to expand his knowledge on handling them.

At the age of 14, he attempted to join Team Rocket, but didn't get in due to a lack of maturity, which utterly shocked him because he was normally such a serious and thoughtful person! He tried again and again, and at 16 finally managed to get in when the exasperated recruitment officer threw her hands up and yelled, "Fine!"

He was sent to Kanto after accidentally tripping one of the main breakers in the Team Rocket facility, causing them to lose power, which brought a halt to all their labs and operations for two hours. He was told that he needed "Special training", and while anyone else would immediately realize they just wanted him out of their hair, he was instead excited. After checking in with the admins in Saffron, he was assigned to Duncan Jackson, who he quickly pictured as this pokemon guru whose head was filled with knowledge that could be taught to him.

Hometown: Cherrygrove City
Current Residence: Saffron City
Occupation: Team Rocket Grunt
Other: He was born on June 1st, a Tuesday. He keeps asking his Totodile to evolve, not realizing that it needs more time and experience first. He secretly has a picture of his mom in a locket that he wears under his uniform.


Name: Tilly
Type: Totodile (Female)
How long owned: Six years, since becoming a trainer
Other: Very fond of people. A generally friendly and playful pokemon who would stand up to a foe even if it was a sure loss to defend Will. Despite being with Will for many years, it hasn't seen enough battles to evolve. Will is convinced it'll happen soon, though.

Name: Gliggy (Male)
Type: Gligar
How long owned: Three years.
Other: This was the first pokemon he deemed so awesome he just HAD to catch it. All other attempts until now were met with failure, but he was persistent with this one! The pokemon is a bit anti-social, and hides behind Will when approached.

Name: Retter (Male)
Type: Houndour
How long owned: One year.
Other: This houndour was actually an accident. Will was being attacked by a Skarmory that was angered by him accidentally bumping into its nest, when this houndour jumped in to his rescue, scaring off the giant metallic bird with a mighty growl. When Will bowed to thank the Houndour, one of his pokeballs fell out of his pocket and managed to touch the tip of the pokemon's foot with its button, which activated its capture routine. Either by blind luck or by the will of the houndour, the capture was a success. This pokemon is strong-willed, and doesn't always follow Will's commands. Those who watch the battles quickly realize it's more because Will gives terrible commands than because it's rebellious.

Name: Ari(stophanies) (Male)
Type: Arbok
How long owned: Less than a year
Other: Was given to Shorty by Duncan for Christmas. Seems fond of food. Tilly is a little scared of it. It was part of Duncan's control group in an experiment, and because of this it is a little naive about what is or isn't food. It learned Shorty wasn't food after getting a taste of the terrible hairspray Shorty used to temporarily look like one of the Jacksons.

Name: Vista (Female)
Type: Pidgey
How long owned: Less than a year
Other: Shorty caught this all by himself! And it only took 2 hours and 15 pokeballs! Someone should tell him that you generally want to weaken a pokemon before capturing it. Shorty captured this pidgey thinking it was a shiny, but apparently didn't understand the term because this is an ordinary Pidgey. It just happens to have especially reflective feathers. The situation around this Pidgey's capture gives yet another thing for Duncan and others to tease Shorty about, much to his dismay. Vista seems full of herself, possibly because she's well aware of how shiny her feathers are. Apparently it's a Pidgey turn-on.